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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses might not have given enough attention to their digital marketing and are now realizing how essential it is to establish their brand awareness. Don’t do the “bare minimum” and end up scrambling to connect with your customers online after the fact. With the festive season right around the corner and many businesses only just getting up and running again, every added effort towards digital marketing efforts will be beneficial.

In the digital age, brand building requires some online interaction with your customers. However, this is amplified by society’s “new normal” since people need to maintain social distancing practices. Whether your company is operational over the holiday period or winding down for the year, you can take some titbits from here for a little festive internet marketing inspiration. . .

Plan Ahead

Whether you are wanting to be more active on social media over the festive season, planning to send out a Christmassy newsletter that targets previous customers, or you’re running a special promotion – no matter the objective preparation is always key. Even starting on the skeleton of your holiday content plan or the first email draft is something to work with.

Some questions to ask yourself to get the ball rolling:

  • How are you wishing your audience a Happy Holiday season?
  • Are you sending out an email or social media post to let them know that you will or won’t be operating this festive season, or do you need to inform them about any other important information?
  • How are you planning on informing your customers about your holiday offer?
  • Is it easy to redeem, i.e. functioning promo-code? Is your website set up for the promotion? Is your e-commerce store prepared for potential surges in web traffic over the festive season?

Get Experimental

The holidays are a great time to play around with your content types, such as experimenting with different social media posting times or finally sending out a newsletter to that abandoned mailing list. Your audience could be more engaged during this season, and you finally get to try out that bright idea you put on the shelf (like that pesky elf).

Be bold about testing various ideas; this is the only way to determine whether your audience will be receptive to it or not. Have some fun with your digital marketing approach this festive season and spread some of that Christmas cheer – your customers will be happy to be part of it.

Prioritize Engagement

One of the most significant aspects of digital marketing is engaging with your audience. Don’t make the mistake of not connecting with your social followers, so if someone comments on one of your posts, make sure you interact with them.

During the holiday season, maintaining this connection is more important. Even just a little stocking filler content will do the trick, like a happy holiday post.

A great way to engage your customers online during this time is to crowdsource content from your digital community. For instance, if someone posts a picture to their timeline of your product, reshare it and give a virtual shoutout!

Keeping your customers involved in your brand allows you to grow a solid online audience, build relationships with future customers, and maintain current connections. The festive season is the best time to foster a bond with your community!

Show Gratitude

The true spirit of Christmas time is giving back. Acknowledge your customers’ participation in your brand’s success and their ongoing support. Whether you are running a special promotion, hosting a giveaway, or simply want to send out a message thanking your customers, show your gratitude for the role they’ve played in contributing to your brand so far. Nurture your current client base with a little old fashioned appreciation, and remember to channel the holiday spirit (cue X-mas puns)!

A short and sweet customizable message example:  Happy Holidays from the (company name) team! Thank you for continuing to support (company name), and may your holiday season be filled with joy!

Stay Consistent

Once it’s all planned out, the posts are scheduled, and the emails are on their way to inboxes, you’ll be happier for it when come Christmas morning your customers’ can feel your brand presence.

But your digital marketing efforts should persist. Make sure to maintain a steady stream of content, so your brand’s online presence doesn’t stagnate. Stick to this by consistently adding to your content plan – jot down ideas, so you always have something to work on.

Set Actionable Goals

What do you want to achieve with your digital marketing efforts during this festive period? Do you merely want to maintain an online presence while your business is closed for the holidays? Or do you want to encourage customers to continue making use of your products or services?

Identify what the most desirable results are for your brand and set actionable goals to achieve them. For example, let’s say you want to run a Christmas marketing email campaign that urges your customers to buy your new product – then set manageable tasks that will lead you to this outcome. In this specific scenario, you might aim for some of the following tasks:

  • Writing the email copy
  • Formatting the content or creating a catchy newsletter poster
  • Setting up the mailing list
  • Creating a social media post that informs your followers and directs them to your store or website
  • Scheduling the email and social media post in advance

Your approach here makes all the difference. Setting reasonable digital marketing objectives is key to reaching them. Don’t overwhelm yourself by attempting to become an internet marketing expert overnight. Steady progress is always more sustainable in the long run.

Here are some simple digital marketing ideas you can action in less than a day:

  • Create a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays post for your social media accounts.
  • Publish a short blog piece or create a social media post that highlights the positives your brand experienced in 2020.
  • Send out a simple email with a Christmassy subject line to thank your customers for their support this year.

As 2020 comes to a close, it’s important to keep in mind that the festive season is a time to reflect on the past year, plan for the next one, and spend time with loved ones so any content you create or messages you send out to your customers should present this sentiment. Brands that follow a bullet-proof digital marketing strategy are always making progress towards bettering their business and building relationships with new customers.

If you would like to appoint a professional digital marketing agency to handle all your online and social media marketing, Vancula Agency delivers the full package. Just reach out to us, and we’ll chat about how we can light up your brand like a Christmas tree all-year-round!

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