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The emergence of new tools and technologies has taken the industry by storm.

The information revolution has had a major impact on virtually every sector- from sales and marketing to business development, human resources, and finance. It has become paramount to not just think of digital marketing but to think of how best to operate in a digital world.

A “digital disconnect” has become the result of the rapid evolution of digital marketing. This expeditious growth in the market has caused something we could commonly call direct variation- as the market evolves, so does the demand for skilled workers increase.

This “digital disconnect” (shortage of skilled professionals for digital marketing technology jobs) has increasingly shown that the precipitous growth in jobs market technology and more so digital marketing technology, has made workers that are skilled in their field, vital in Singapore. As Singapore moves towards becoming a leader in embracing digital technology globally, a closer collaboration between organizations and technology is essential. And although many companies have not ventured into digitalization as of yet, they are slowly gravitating towards it.

Singapore can however be considered as one of the most connected countries in the world. Its 4G mobile internet coverage is ranked among the fastest on Earth. More than 99% of this island city-state off southern Malaysia, enjoys LTE coverage- with mobiles having an average internet speed of 38 Mb per second. While similar-sized markets in Australia have an Ad Spend of 43%, Singapore’s Ad Spend still remains relatively low with only 15%.

In order for companies to remain to be front-runners in their respective markets, the integration of their digital and social marketing into one customer journey is essential. Marketing leadership in most organizations in Singapore are now actively working on digital strategies and budgets. Most ad tech companies are locating their regional headquarters in Singapore and are strengthening their support teams here to serve their clients more efficiently.

“Marketing is now a fundamental driver of IT purchasing, and that trend shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.”-Chris Mead, Regional Director of Hays in Malaysia & Singapore.

How does one however resolve digital disconnect?

Even though Singapore’s investment in digital technology has brought the country far, it is now upon companies and organizations to ensure that their employees are equipped with the digital knowledge to drive the desired change nationally. According to leading Digital Marketing Agencies, in order to be considered as successful in the jobs market, candidates must up-skill.

This can be done through the means of investing in training and resources that will enable marketers to be savvier when it comes to extracting actionable insights from data.

As stated by Christina Lee, an industry professional, there are five ways in which one can upskill your marketing team. Measuring advertising results, however, was never easy. In today’s search-driven and socially connected world, the opportunity to evaluate digital marketing performance exists.

Foremost, to hone your social media approach in a way that best suits your target market – to observe relevant market trends, personalize the brand to motivate key audiences, understand the nuances of how certain types of content and campaigns fill the funnel, and know-how to apply metrics to optimize resources and hone in on the right strategy.

Secondly, remaining on par with the latest SEO Techniques, one can effectively drive traffic to your websites and landing pages and fill your pipeline with great leads. Digital teams must, therefore, be cognizant of the latest algorithms used by Google and other search engines, understand how keywords affect search engine rankings, know how to master on-page and off-page optimization, and how to effectively track performance over time and change course as micro-trends impact how consumers are responding to your SEO tactics.

To thirdly optimize Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategies by writing more focused and compelling

ad content, learning auction, and pricing models, and developing an entrenched strategy for following up on leads once they do click your ad.

By fourthly putting content value first, one must develop content that’s relevant for the right audiences and actually drive consumers to take your preferred action.

Lastly, to measure and report on one’s return-on-investment (ROI) – the analytics are critical and can reveal the success of one’s campaigns.

When looking at an experienced and well-sought after digital marketing agency, it becomes evident that Christina’s 5 upskill methods is a standard practice in any agency worth its weight in salt.

The solutions that a qualified marketing agency offers to your business are interminable. Not only will you entrust your business to an entire team with marketing expertise, but this would also be cost-effective- since undertaking to do marketing alone or to have several agencies with different levels of expertise involved, can become costly.

Businesses will also be given the opportunity to direct their focus on business priorities all while they have access to the latest superior tools, software, and analytical data- aiding your business in the increase of productivity, efficiency, and performance.

One major advantage of hiring a digital marketing agency is the analytical reporting, generated from the state-of-the-art software. You’ll receive regular reports showing you where you’re excelling in your marketing efforts, and where you can improve.

With all that said, the future still looks bright for marketers in Singapore- increments in major digital trends such as SEO, programming, and e-commerce prove just that. English is spoken widely across the island so needless to say, marketers with a good command of language and understanding of their users will be victorious. With an unprecedented rise of millennial and Generation X internet users, brands now realise how vital an online presence is in a ferociously competitive business world.

In closing, though Singapore’s investment in digital technology has brought the country far, it is now upon companies and organizations to ensure that their employees are equipped with the digital knowledge to drive the desired change.

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