Social Media Services

We have 2 styles of Social Media Management

The first style of service is a brand level management service starting with the management of a minimum of three social media platform profiles. The 2nd style of service is a platform specific standalone management service.

Additional profiles can be cost effectively added to the basic service. Platforms we can look after including:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest

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Why use an agency?

Managing Social Media profiles is very time consuming. When done with inhouse resources or employees, it gets very distracting and expensive for a business to do it themselves Also, taking into account the wide range of different popular social media platforms, it is a challenge for most businesses to maintain marketing expertise in all these areas, unless it’s your specific area of expertise.

Secondly, we keep our team’s skills up to date, ensuring our services are as effective as possible. This could include:

Audience growth

Reach growth

Traffic to your website

Quality engagement

Lead Generation

What people are saying

Here's what happened when we partnered with Deeghuys:


Reach per week


Reach jump in first month of launch


Reach Per Month

In 2020, Vancula launched a Social Media Campaign for Chuze Deeghuys, garnering 100% improvement in Reach for the first month of launch.

Here's how we make it happen!

By maintaining a team of consultants that only do social media, professionals that live it and breathe it, we ensure that the work we are doing has the maximum potential to meet your goals, as documented in the brief.

For this to be effective our process must

Understand and represent your brand accurately.

Produce content (in image and language) that is of an exceptional quality

Be priced at a rate that provides a significant discount over locally produced content and rates, ensuring that you can make a profit.

“Social media creates communities, not markets.” –Don Schultz, marketing pioneer

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