Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

is the process of optimizing a website so it appears on page 1 in the search engines (primarily Google)  for the search phrases prospects who do NOT know of the website or business use, when searching for the products and services that the business and website attempt to sell. These results appear in the organic listings, not the paid listings and not the maps listings.So, the idea with this is that when people are searching for your products, they find the business we are doing SEO for first and contact you about doing business.

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Why it works.

By positioning your website on the top of Google for the keywords people use when searching for your products and services, you will enjoy free targeted traffic from the search engines. Another part of SEO, often ignored, is optimizing your brand on search engines when people are specifically searching for something you offer.

Researching business.

Part of this is reputation management; however, SEO itself should help this by providing quality content on business directories and other properties when they directly represent the brand. These elements of SEO should not be inaccurate as this can have a negative impact on your SEO. Therefore, we are required to quality check these parts of your campaign. Traffic from search engines is highly desired as prospects are often in a purchasing frame of mind when searching for what they need.

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They are in the market to buy when they search for your product. So, the conversion process to a lead or sale from search engine traffic is often a lot higher than other forms of interruptive styles of advertising. Paid traffic from search engines is also getting more expensive. Despite the early investment required to position a website well, over time the ROI from SEO traffic can be much higher than that from paid traffic. Success in SEO will result in your website being highly visible in search engines and with all else being equal, result in an increase of free, search driven traffic to your website Conversion Rate Optimization is a logical next service. This service will look specifically at the way the website interacts with the traffic it receives (from all sources) and endeavors to improve the way the website uses traffic, maximizing lead generation If SEO is resulting in positive lead generation, a google ads campaign will complement this by generating more traffic (AdWords traffic tends to be additional, incremental to SEO traffic. It is an extra rather than a replacement) The AdWords conversion rate should be higher than SEO as it will be more specific and can be complemented with specific landing pages to support lead generation. Other digital marketing strategies designed to do the things SEO does can be implemented, such as building a database of prospects, nurturing strategies (email marketing), Social Media lead generation.


SEO Checklist

The strength of SEO and driving organic traffic is clear. Optimizing your pages for SEO is going to be even more important,as organic search continues to rise above other search traffic. That's why SEO should be a serious consideration for your brand in the coming year

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