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Pay Per Click (PPC) is Google Ads, Google’s advertising platform. We offer services managing campaigns for all these elements off Google Ads. It can be a highly effective form of advertising as typically advertisers only pay for the advertising once someone interacts with an ad by clicking through to visit the website. So, there is an element of “success” built into this type of advertising prior to accruing a cost.

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We offer services managing campaigns for all these elements off Google Ads

It has two parts, search network advertising (where ads appear on search engines) and display network advertising (where ads appear on Google’s partner websites) Google Ads also has a “remarketing” where display ads can follow people around the internet following a visit to the website (via the use of cookies).

How does it work?

Google Ads is designed to send immediate relevant search traffic to an advertiser’s website. The traffic sent is based around keyword parameters to ensure search traffic is relevant.  The ad copy used in ad campaigns is controlled 100% by the advertiser, so the advertisers’ sales story can be effectively started in Google Ads. The advertising budget is customizable and can  be updated in real time, ensuring it stays within the advertisers budgetary constraints.

Maximum return on investment:

Begin with a clear purpose

Design a specific landing page

Positing depends on:

Bid price (per keyword) Quality of ad copy (measured CTR) Quality score of destination page

Google Ads is a service based around an advertising spend. Real success is achieved when the ROI of the advertising exceeds the cost. IE. the advertising produces profitable business. To achieve this, the following typically occurs:

Your Ads budget is being fully spent and in a way that your defined objectives are being most effectively achieved. Over time, the goal metrics are being more cost-effectively achieved through relationship management, you also recognize a real return to your business; over and above the total spend of the campaign and management fee thereof.

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Here's what happened when we partnered with Club Mykonos:

276098 Direct

Traffic generated since the start of our contract.




Optimisation score

In 2017, Vancula launched a PPC Campaign for Club Mykonos Resorts, garnering 100% improvement in traffic for the first month of launch and providing more direct bookings.

Campaign reporting.

Campaign reporting is very sophisticated ensuring the advertiser can see what elements of the campaign are working and which are not. This provides the opportunity for ongoing optimization of the campaign against the desired. 

We Got you:

Setting expectations appropriately

Get the best engagement

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“The best place to hide a dead body, is the second page of Google Search.”

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